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28780 Old Town Front St #A-4                       951-308-1688

   PA Equipment
  Phonic PA head, stereo 100 watts, 6 channel , just $99 !!
  Audio Centron AC12P mixer, 12 channel unpowered mixer, come
channels work intermittently, just $50 !!
  Carvin XP650 PA head, just $99.95!
  JBL JRX200 speaker, one only, just $129.95!
  Yamaha A12 PA speaker, one only, just $89.95!
  Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire mixer, just $149.95!
  Soundcraft PA Head w/thermo plastic enclosure, just $149.95!!
  Yamaha BR12 PA Cabinets, just $159.95 for the pair!

Mackie MR5 monitors, NOS, just $49.95 each!
Mackie 1402 VLZ3 mixer, $249.95!

  Electric & Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars
  Dean Vendetta Electric Guitar, signed by Papa Roach, just $249.95!
  Left handed Fender Stratocaster, made in Mexico, just $299.95!
  Full size Valencia classic (nylon string) guitars, from $89.95!
  Fender Squier Strat electric guitar, 3/4 size, just $89.95!
  Cort Black Strat type electric guitar, 4/4 size, just $99.95!
  Black Jay Turser electric guitar, Strat style, $89.95!
  Dean Electric guitar, Les Paul style, just $99.95!
  Band & Orchestral
  Cello - - body only, needs repair, great project instrument, just
  Buescher Baritone Sax, well worn, but fully functional, just
  Student/beginner violins, various sizes, from $49.95!  (Will need
repair and/or adjustments).
  Roland VX880EX Digital Studio Workstation, just $99.95!
  Celtic Harp, just $199.95!
  Deering Good Time banjo, just $249.95!

Oscar Schmidt OS11021AE electric autoharp, display model, one
only, just $349.95!

  Drums & Percussion
  Generic bass drum, $49.95!
  Roland SPD-11 Total Percussion Pad, just $129.95!
  Ludwig 5 piece drum set with Mapex snare, just $199 (drums
only), or $299 with basic hardware (no cymbals).
  Guitar and Bass Amplifiers & Speaker Cabinets
  Supro Coronado Electric guitar tube amp, NOS, just $799.95!
  Crate Electric Guitar amp head, GT1200H, 120 watts, just $99.95!

Line 6 Spider III Guitar amp head, just $75!! (75 watts per side)!
Sovtek MIG-50H tube guitar head, $749.95 obo!
Frenzel FM5E3 tube guitar head, $399.95!
Vintage Gibson Tube Amp, GA-35 RVT, $495!
Mesa Boogie Nomad Tube Amp, $1195.00!
IA / Industrial Amp, model Overdrive 15, boutique tube amp, $1495!
Ampeg VH-140C guitar amp, $299.95!
Randall Guitar Amp Head, RG120ES, just $299.95!
Peavey Artist amp, very clean sounding, 1980's vintage, $299.95!

  Crate 4x12 guitar cabinet, just $99.95!
  Crate 4x12 guitar cabinet (broken handles), just $89.95!
  Carvin 4x12 guitar cabinet, model V412, just $129.95!
       Roland GC408S speaker cabinet, 4 eight inch speakers, 8
ohms, $99 !
  Roland Spirit 30 Electric guitar amp, well used, just $50 !
  Stagg Practice amps for guitar from $59.95!
  Ampeg BA112 Bass amp, just $139.95!
  Kustom KG1 practice amp for guitar, just $49.95!
  Crate BX15 bass amp, just $59.95!

Blackstar HT5 Guitar amp, just $329.95!

29800 Bradley Rd. #107                       951-301-8088

All specials are good when you print or mention this website, post or
ad!  (Limited to stock on hand, no back orders or rainchecks).

        Electric & Acoustic Guitars and Bass
       "B" brand black Fender style electric bass, just $99.95!
  Gretsch Junior Jet bass, well used, but very playable, just $119.95!
  Jay Turser Acoustic guitar, natural finish, just $89.95!
       Epiphone 12 String guitar, DR212, natural finish, just $199.95!
  Yamaha electric guitar, 3 pickups, model EG112C, just $79.95!
  Spirit Electric guitar, off white, 3 pickups, locking tremolo, just
  Ibanez EX550 electric guitar, 3 pickups, locking tremolo, just
  Guitar and Bass Amplifiers, PA Equipment
  Yamaha PA cabinets, model S15E, just $249.95 for the pair! Very
heavy duty!
  Laney Bass amp, BC120, well used, as is,
just $119.95!
  Roland JC120 electric guitar, or keyboard amplifier,
LEGENDARY amplifier!  Just $799.95!
  Randall RX15M guitar amp, just $99.95!
  Orange Crush 12 amplifier, just $79!
  Orange Crush Bass 25 amplifier, just $139.95!
  Stagg Bass Amp, demo/display model, "head" is model 500 BAH,
with speaker cabinet, 500 watts, just $199.95 for BOTH pieces!!
  Kustom KLA Amplifier, just $79.95!
  Crate GFX212 Electric guitar amp, 100 watts, just $159.95!
      Epiphone SG electric guitar, just $119.95!
  Left Handed Fender Stratocaster, made in Mexico, just $299.95!
  "Burton" brand Telecaster type electric guitar, just $119.95!
  Ernie Ball Sub AX3 electric guitar, just $249.95!

  Keyboards & Miscellaneous
  Artesia Digital Piano, weighted keys, just $399.95!
  Casio CTK651 Portable Keyboard, $59.95 without adapter, $59.95,
or $79.95 with power supply!
  Baronelli button accordion, just $279.95!
  Round Bass mike stands, just $19.95!
  Oscar Schmidt 15 Chord autoharp, very good condition, just
  Check out our selection of $1 books!  Great value!
 Drums & Percussion
    Electric drum set, great sounding, user friendly, just $399.95 - -
brand new!
  Drum bags - - for a 5 piece drum set; just $75 !!
  Mini Congas, just $99.95!
  Band & Orchestral
  FRENCH HORN, single, just $499.95!
        Holton Trombone, well used but fully functional, just $199.95!
  Bell Kit (bells and bag only), well used, just $39.95!!

Most INSTRUMENT RENTALS (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, violins,
snare kits, bell kits) range from $10.50 -  $28.00 per month!!
(Some are more, some are less).
Most Saxophones, Cellos range from $21.00 to $56.00 per month!!*
* (Best rate is based on 10 months paid in advance, theft and
damage protection NOT included, subject to availability, major
credit card and valid US ID required to rent.)

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