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All specials are good when you print or mention this website, post or
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28780 Old Town Front St #A-4                       951-308-1688

All specials are good when you print or mention this website, post or
ad!  (Limited to stock on hand, no back orders or rainchecks).

Peavey PVXP10 Powered monitor or main cabinet; reg $399.95,  just
$329.95 each!
Huntington KB61 Keyboard, great first keyboard, just $89.95!!
Behringer BXL450 bass/keyboard amp, used, fair to good condition,
just $ 59.95 !
LP Conga, “tumba” style; approx. 13” 30”, one only, just $179.95 !
Toca Timbales, “Player’s Series”, missing cowbell, still a great deal
at $99.99 !!
Remo practice pad set, used, 5 pads, just $50 !  (Each pad is worth
$20 - $30 each)!
Ludwig Drum Set, Accent CS Custom, used w/basic hardware (no
cymbals), just $349.95!
Enforcer Drum Set, blue, used, w/cymbals & hardware, (no throne),
just $179.95!!
Drum set, red w/mis matched bass drum, comes with basic hardware
& cymbals, no throne, just $159.95!
Pearl drum set, black, used, comes with Pearl “Sensitone” snare
(drums only), no hardware, just $299.95!  (Or, buy just the snare for
Single French Horn, Buescher, used, was $599.95, now just $399.95!!
Used Autoharps from $49.95!!
Ukuleles from $39.95!
Tenor Saxophone, Premier, well used but fully functional, Made in
USA, just $399.95!
Behringer Mixer PMP6000, 16 channels, just $199.95, used, as is
(may need some TLC).
Marshall guitar amplifier head, model G100RCD, just $129.95!  
Hohner Guitar, model AS200, 7/8 size nylon string guitar, was
$129.95, now just $99.95 !
Kid's 3 piece drum set, new, silver, just $99.95!!
Remo Ambassador 14" coated drum heads, $9.95 while they last!
Yamaha PA Cabinets model #S115IV, very heavy duty, on 15" & hor
n in each, $299 for the pair !!  

29800 Bradley Rd. #107                       951-301-8088

All specials are good when you print or mention this website, post or
ad!  (Limited to stock on hand, no back orders or rainchecks).

Folding Music Stands, one for $19.95, or 2 for $24.95!
Nomad music stands, model #NBS1410, reg. $59.95, now just $34.95!
“MOD” effect pedals for guitar, 25% off!
Digitech RP55 multi effects pedal, (used, one only) just $29.95!
Kid’s 3 piece drum set, just $99.95!  Good for ages 3 to 8 (approx.)!
Groove Percussion drum set, small jazz set, good quality, great for
club or “casual” musicians, great for a back up set, or a great kid’s
set!!   Just $299.95 w/basic hardware!
Peace 5 piece drum set, black, mild heat (finish) damage, reg.
$300-$400, just $219.95!  (One only).
Generic drum sticks from $4.99 per pair!
All Drum heads over $10 are 50% off!
Set of Drum bags, 5 drums , will fit most standard 5 piece drum
sets, just $79.95 for the whole set! (Sizes:  26x22, 18x7, 19x17, 16x14
& 15x13).
Used Clarinets from $199.95 ! (Limited to current supply)!
New clarinets from $249.95!
Fender Squier PA Cabinets, used, 2 cabs, just $99 w/one 12”
speaker & horn !  (Model # SQ12)
Washburn Mandolin, model #M1SDLB, used, just $129.95!  
Cherub instrument tuners, from $7.95!!
Capos from $ 4.99!
Nomad guitar wall hangers, just 9.95!!
Chord Buddy, lets you play chords on the guitar with just one
finger, reg. $59.95, just $29.95 (one only at this price)!
Got a new guitar?  Almost every new guitar needs a “set up” to
make it easier to play!  Bring your guitar in to one of our stores for
a “set up” to help your guitar play it’s best!!
Be sure to check our $1 book bin next time you're in the store!
Tenor Saxophone, A. Cojan, made in France, well used but  
fully functional, just $249.95 !  (No case).
Pocket Trumpet by E.M. Winston, very good condition,
just $199.95!!
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp, OS21 C, 21 chords; display model;
just $299.95!!
Yamaha PA cabinets (2), model S15E (one 15" & horn);
just $299.95!!  Used, but very rugged!!
Remo Ambassador 14" coated drum heads, $9.95 while they last!

Our apologies, but our Anaheim store is now
permanently closed.  We are, however still serving
Orange County with our rental services, with delivery
and pickup services available for your rental needs.
Contact us in Temecula @ 951-308-1688
or Menifee @ 951-301-8088
for further information.

Most INSTRUMENT RENTALS (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, violins,
snare kits, bell kits) range from $10.50 -  $28.00 per month!!
(Some are more, some are less).
Most Saxophones, Cellos range from $21.00 to $56.00 per month!!*
* (Best rate is based on 10 months paid in advance, theft and
damage protection NOT included, subject to availability, major
credit card and valid US ID required to rent.)

For more information,
email us @ guitarfish@petesmusic.com
OR pete@petesmusic.com, or call the store(s) at the
telephone number listed above!!
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